Any question about tax amnesty? These desks will be ready to help


The Financial Services Authority (OJK) and the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) will both prepare help desks to answer queries about the nation’s new tax amnesty program.

These desks will serve in addition to the existing information center at the Finance Ministry’s Directorate General of Taxation that handles the tax amnesty program, which is expected to induce tax dodgers to reveal multi-billion-dollars worth of previously undeclared assets in exchange for a tax pardon with the exception of a penalty that would range from 2 to 10 percent of the declared assets.

OJK chairman Muliaman Hadad said the desks would be able to answer questions pertaining to the technical process of declaring assets and about the available investment instrument options.

“The OJK will have special staff to address such questions and the bourse will also have a special help desk in Jakarta, as well as its representative offices in big cities in every province,” he told reporters during an open house at his residence in South Jakarta on Thursday.

“I already instructed the bourse before the holiday to publicize the contact number for tax amnesty information in the newspapers,” he said.

Technical questions must be answered first before the funds can be put into investment instruments, which range from bank deposits to capital market products and from sovereign debt papers to mutual funds.

Muliaman said banks and investment managers had reported their readiness with the new products and services to cater to the expected influx of funds from the tax amnesty program, which kicked off earlier this month and will last until March 31, 2017.

sumber : The Jakarta Post

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