No online subscription for tax amnesty: tax directorate

Calculating numbers for income tax return with glasses pen and calculator

The Directorate General of Taxation will not accept online application subscription for tax amnesty, as the institution will only provide face-to-face registration to avoid the risk of data breaches of tax evaders’ account details.

The tax directorate’s technology director Iwan Djuniardi said those who wanted to report their offshore assets to obtain amnesty should come directly to the tax office. Then, the tax officer would help input the data through the institution’s closed system.

“We must keep the data confidential and avoid the risk of being hacked. As you probably know, according to the rule, a tax payer-data leak will result in at least a five-year sentence for the guilty tax officer. We do not want that to happen,” he said in Jakarta on Thursday.

People who want to receive tax amnesty must first show their taxpayer number (NPWP) and transfer the penalty in accordance to the repatriation rate, Iwan said. And then they must show the transfer printout to the tax office, so that the tax amnesty proceedings could be finalized by the responsible officer.

In general, he explained, the tax office served most tax applications through an online platform as it had upgraded the IT equipment to the latest service oriented infrastructure (SOA). Its encryption technology had also been upgraded.

“We also have created an application to monitor tax progress. It provides information regarding tax collection per regional tax office,” Iwan further told



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