Govt too optimistic on tax amnesty: Kadin chairman


The government is being too optimistic in setting a state revenue target of Rp 165 trillion (US$12.53 billion) for the tax amnesty program, says Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Kadin) chairman Rosan P. Roeslani.

“I guess the government has been too aggressive by targeting that high figure,” Rosan said Thursday evening on the sidelines of an open house event at his residence in South Jakarta.

Rosan said state revenues from the tax amnesty would likely amount to Rp 30 trillion in the first phase of the program’s implementation in September. The tax amnesty program runs until the end of March 2017 and will give a tax pardon in exchange for low penalty charges of 2 to 10 percent of the declared or repatriated assets, a policy that is expected to bring more liquid assets into the country.

“The government has stated that it has all the data [on all tax evaders]. However, I guess no one is quite sure about the exact numbers. We could not even rely on the Panama Papers, in which we found more debts than assets,” he went on.

Indonesia’s tax office has identified 272 taxpayers from 1,038 taxpayers listed in the Panama Papers who own a local tax identification number (NPWP). Of these, 235 taxpayers reported their annual tax assessment, while the 137 others have received tax collection letters.

sumber : The Jakarta Post

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