Repatriated Funds from Tax Amnesty Program Reaches Rp931 Billion

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Director of Services, Education, and Public Relations of the Taxes Directorate General of Ministry of Finance Hestu Yoga Saksama said repatriated funds from the tax amnesty program has reached Rp 931 billion until Saturday (13/8), or almost a month since it was launched.

According Hestu, the funds include assets worth of Rp 23.81 trillion reported by 3,629 taxpayers.

“Of that amount, the declaration of assets in the country reached Rp 20.6 trillion and foreign declaration reached Rp 2.24 trillion,” Hestu added.

In the meantime, ransom money from this tax amnesty program has reached Rp 479.04 billion, in which Rp 360 billion came from individual taxpayers who are not micro, small and ,edium Enterprises (SMEs) and Rp 91.8 billion rom non corporate taxpayers SMEs.

Ransom money of individual taxpayers who fall into the category of SMEs has reached Rp 26 billion.

“The ransom money from taxpayers who are also included in the category of SMEs reached USD 1.62 billion,” said Hestu.

Tax amnesty program has been ongoing for nearly four weeks since it was launched on July 19. From this program, program, the government is targeting the reception of Rp 165 trillion in the Revised State Budget 2016.



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