Minister Says Tax Amnesty Program Will Boost GDP

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs Luhut Binsar Panjaitan says that the tax amnesty program is expected to boost Indonesia’s gross domestic product (GDP).

“Our GDP is now almost US$ 1 trillion. With the implementation of this tax amnesty program, we hope it can rise until US$ 1.3 trillion or even until US$ 1.5 trillion,” he said in Bandung on Saturday (13/8).

Luhut added that the effects of this tax amnesty program were initially not calculated.

“We didn’t realize it when we designed this tax amnesty program that the people who already joined the program in 2015 can also take part in 2016, so there’s an evaluation of the asset values by only paying a fine of 2.5 percent,” he said.

According to Luhut, all businessmen who take part in this tax amnesty program will automatically evaluate the values of their assets that were reported.

“Eventually, it will evaluate our GDP,” he added.

Luhut further said that Indonesia’s GDP has positioned Indonesia in the G20 country group.

“Later on, we expect that we are no longer under the G20 country group but can even be in big 15, 16, or even 14. As a result, we won’t realize that our foreign debt ratio will decrease,” he added.

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